Melissa Bedinger

BSc (Hons) Combined Studies

Combined Studies has great news about a former student. Melissa Bedinger graduated with an Honours degree and has completed a PhD in Business Management and Human Factors. This was funded by our Centre for Sustainable Road Freight.

Like many Combined Studies programs – Melissa’s topic was interdisciplinary.– and supervised by academic staff in SoSS and EGIS. While studying for a Combined Studies degree, Melissa was able to study a range of subjects from different degree programmes. This led to her interest in Transport for her Honours Dissertation and – wonderfully – onto her PhD.

We are also delighted that Melissa has accepted a post as a Research Associate on Heriot-Watt's Water Resilient Cities project, and will be completing work to analyse and embed resilience into infrastructure systems. We are delighted to welcome her as our new colleague.

Luke Donnelly (Northern Ireland)

Present Job: Technical Author, Sun Systems, Grenoble, France

I took a Combined Studies Honours degree in Electrical Engineering and History of Science. In addition to the technical side of my studies, I sharpened my writing skills on the History of Science courses. This was really useful for my first job as a Technical Author of KSCL. I am currently working, still in technical authoring, in Grenoble, France.

Justine Rousvoal & Meghann Piau (France)

Combined: Finance / Statistics / Critical Writing

We got the chance to come to Heriot-Watt University through an agreement between our University in France and Combined Studies. We studied Statistics, Databases and English on our French course. When we came to Scotland, we continued with these subjects at Heriot-Watt, but we also studied Finance, Critical Writing and Problem Based Learning. The PBL was good because we had to collaborate with British students - a bit scary at first, but ideal for our language skills. We also performed in the Students' Association pantomime - this was new to us, we don't really have pantomimes in France. We enjoyed our year at Heriot-Watt, will be graduating with a Combined Studies degree, and – we are negotiating for our next year of study back in France.

Chao Duan (China)

Combined Studies: Planning and Development / Urban Studies

I came to Heriot-Watt from Beijing, China. I originally wanted to study Planning and Development. Although I enjoyed the course there was one part - Property Valuation - which I didn’t like, we use very different techniques to value property in China. I transferred to Combined Studies two years ago and I am now in my last semester of fourth year. I am combining modules in Planning and Development with Urban Studies – this means I don’t have to study property valuation! I hope to graduate with a good Combined Studies Honours degree and to continue my studies in London. I would like to go into Landscape Design and my Combined Studies Honours degree will enhance my prospects.

Ben Goff (Scotland)

Combined Studies: Electrical Engineering / Management / Information Technology

I came to Heriot-Watt to study Electrical Engineering. I discovered during my second year that I wanted to study other subjects, so I transferred to Combined Studies. The staff were very helpful and advised me on the range of subjects available and I chose to study sciences, management and information technology. I found out that I was better at these than Electrical Engineering and I found my time a lot more enjoyable. I graduated with a General Degree and hit the road. I have now been living and working in Taiwan for the past two years. I decided that I wanted to further my studies and applied for an MBA at the local university NCKU (National Cheng Kung University). My time in Taiwan has been really enjoyable and I think that I will be staying for a while to come.

Aine McGarry (Ireland)

BEng Engineering (Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering)

Present job: Field Engineer with Schlumberger, Indonesia

I had wanted to study Engineering at Heriot- Watt for many years; however as a subject with so many diverse and exciting options, it was very difficult for me to decide on which route to take! Typically I would have made a sacrifice and chosen a particular interest to focus on, however the BEng Engineering allowed me the freedom to choose a number of different engineering topics that fitted in with both my career ambitions and my personal interests, which suited me perfectly.

I studied Mathematics, Programming, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering to begin with, and concentrated on Electronic Engineering and Control Engineering in my final years with the help of an industrial scholarship.

My lecturers were very friendly and gave me all the help I needed, and I graduated with an Honours degree in Robotics. I received a number of job offers but made the decision to continue my studies and took an MSc in Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College, London. I am now a Field Engineer with Schlumberger, and based in Jakarta, Indonesia.