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If you find that your present degree course is not providing you with access to the modules you wish to study, or if you are unable to progress on your current course, it can often be possible to transfer to either the Ordinary or the Honours BA or BSc degrees in Combined Studies. You will be given credit for the modules that you have already passed in your present course, and you will be able to select from a wide range of additional modules to complete your degree.

If you are interested in a successful future but you are not yet confident about the particular path your career might take, or if you are simply keen to acquire knowledge across a range of practical professional subjects, Combined Studies provides:

  • the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of options at a top technological university;
  • access to a diversity of skills in subjects normally restricted to the specialists;
  • the choice between specialising progressively and taking a few subjects to the highest level, or keeping your options open by studying a wider range of topics throughout the course.

To discuss your options, arrange an appointment with Combined Studies using the address, e-mail address or telephone number detailed below.

While we welcome enquiries about transfer at any time of year you should note that it is not possible to transfer to Combined Studies after the end of Semester 2, until the following semester. If you wish to consider transfer for the new academic year, please contact Combined Studies as soon as possible so that there is time to develop a suitable programme of work for you before the registration period starts.

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