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School of Engineering and Physical Sciences/Combined Studies Handbook

When you registered for your course you received a copy of the Undergraduate Programme Handbook for Combined Studies – this is an extremely important document which you should read and retain for future reference.

Part A of the handbook contains information that is specific to Combined Studies, describing how the programme of study is structured and delivered. It also explains what is required of you to successfully progress towards graduation in your chosen degree.

Part B of the handbook deals with University-wide policies and regulations, and provides a detailed and extremely useful Quick Finder Guide to Academic Support Services.

Appendix A and Appendix B contain important information for all students in the Student Learning Code of Practice and The Student Guide to Plagiarism respectively.

If you have any queries about any part of this document you should, in the first instance, contact your School/Department for further information or assistance.

Please see the Undergraduate Programme Handbook for Combined Studies.

Combined Studies Programme Structure and Delivery

Combined Studies has three forms of its BEng, BSc and BA degrees:

Honours degrees

  • B7C1: BEng Engineering (Hons)
  • B7A1: BSc Combined Studies (Hons)
  • E2A1: BSc Combined Studies (Hons)
  • C0A1: BA Combined Studies (Hons)
  • E2B3: BA Combined Studies (Hons)

Ordinary degree

  • B7A2: BSc Combined Studies (Ord)
  • E2A2: BSc Combined Studies (Ord)
  • C0A2: BA Combined Studies (Ord)
  • E2B4 BA Combined Studies (Ord)

General Degree

  • B7B2: BSc Combined Studies (General Science)
  • B7C2, BSc Combined Studies (General Engineering)
  • B7D2, E2D2: BSc Combined Studies (General Degree)
  • C0B2, C0D2, E2B2: BA Combined Studies (General Degree)

Full-time programmes comprise of eight courses, four in each of two semesters. Progression to the next stage of a programme, or to graduate, is subject to meeting the progression or graduation requirements.

Students may transfer from Combined Studies at various stages of the academic year by the completion of a transfer form and discussion between appropriate staff from Combined Studies and the recipient subject group.

Please follow link to academic calendar for session dates.

University Information

The Academic Registry is responsible for providing information and assistance on University Policies and Support services.

The University publishes extensive policy and reference information on its website that may be of use and of interest to students through the programme of their studies at Heriot-Watt University.

See details of academic policies and procedures and Ordinances and Regulations

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