Ordinances and regulations


The Ordinances and Regulations were approved and took effect on 1 September 2015. These replace all others, including those previously published on the staff intranet and any paper-based versions.

When future amendments are approved, they will be incorporated as quickly as possible into the online version. Amendments to the Ordinances require approval by the Court, following advice by the Senate (where appropriate). Amendments to the Regulations require approval by the Senate.


The Ordinances support the implementation of the University's Charter and Statutes and contain details on the way in which it is governed. 

A review was conducted to ensure that there was a full set of working ordinances and regulations that reflected the new Charter and Statutes with effect from 1 September 2015. 

As well as ensuring compliance with the new Charter and Statutes, the opportunity was taken to modernise the Ordinances where it was straightforward to do so and to re-present them in a more readable format.

University Ordinances


The Regulations support the Ordinances by making detailed provision for the academic work of the University, the education of its students and such other matters as lie within the areas of responsibility of the Senate.

University Regulations


In referencing the Ordinances, the convention used is that the letter of each section is given, followed by the relevant Ordinance number. So, for example, in speech or in written text, 'Ordinance A1' refers to the first Ordinance in Section A; 'Ordinance B2' refers to the second Ordinance of Section B; and so on. 

Please note that there are no sections 'I' or 'O' in the Ordinances.

Any questions about the Ordinances and Regulations should be directed to Lorna Kirkwood-Smith, Head of Corporate Governance (L.A.Kirkwood-Smith@hw.ac.uk), or John McDermott, Officer to Corporate Governance (J.McDermott@hw.ac.uk).