The University is committed to providing an excellent educational experience and high-quality services for our students and service users of the University. Anyone who receives, requests or is directly affected by the services of the University can make a complaint to us.

Complaints Handling Procedure

We have a duty to provide an effective system for handling complaints and our Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) allows complainants to raise matters of concern without fear of being disadvantaged or victimised and in the knowledge that their privacy and confidentiality will be respected.

Our CHP reflects the University's commitment to valuing complaints and using information from them to help us improve our services. It seeks to resolve dissatisfaction as close as possible to the point of service delivery and to conduct thorough, impartial and fair investigations of complaints so that, where appropriate, we can make evidence-based decisions on the facts of the case.  

The CHP has two internal stages and a final external stage with the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO), the governing body for complaints in Scotland. We expect the majority of complaints will be handled at Stage 1. If the complainant remains dissatisfied after Stage 1, they can request that we look at it again, at Stage 2.  However, if the original complaint is complex or requires an investigation, we will usually consider that complaint as a Stage 2 matter straight away.

The Complaints Handling Procedure consists of six parts:

Complaints forms

Whilst complaints can be raised in person, by phone and in writing/electronically, we strongly  recommend  completing the University complaints form which will help to ensure that all aspects of a complaint, including the outcome being sought, are clearly understood by the University. The forms are available below.

  • Stage 1 complaints form: For a straightforward complaint and where it is envisaged that quick resolution can be achieved.
  • Stage 2 complaints form: For a complaint that is complex and likely to require investigation before a resolution can be achieved.

Complaints, and any comments on our procedures, should be sent to:

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Complaints HW

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HW Complaints Mailbox