Learning and Teaching Policy Bank

The policy bank provides an alphabetical list of all policy, procedure and guideline documents related to the University's decisions on academic matters, particularly learning, teaching and assessment. This Policy Bank is intended to be the one-stop shop for:

  • University-wide learning and teaching policies
  • University procedures and guidelines relating to learning and teaching policy implementation
  • University Codes of Practice relating to academic matters
  • Quality assurance (approval, monitoring and review) information
  • External [academic] partnership information
  • Student administration policies and procedures related to academic matters (e.g. management of transcripts)
  • University templates associated with academic policies, procedures and guidelines.

Heriot-Watt University's learning and teaching policies, learning and teaching procedures and guidelines are managed by the Student Learning Experience Committee on behalf of the Learning and Teaching Board.

Learning and Teaching Policy Bank: Review Tracker: This tracks the review status of learning and teaching policies documents and is used by the Student Learning Experience Committee and other relevant committees to manage the periodic review and revision of policies, procedures and guidelines. Please contact Academic Quality if you wish for more information.