Thematic Review

At Heriot-Watt University, Thematic Review is a topic-led approach to institution-wide review of learning and teaching matters which have been identified as key priorities for the institution. Thematic Reviews are conducted on an individual topic basis. The process is led by the University’s Learning and Teaching Board and it has an enhancement focus and purpose.

One Thematic Review is conducted per academic year, within a five-year programme. The Learning and Teaching Board is invited to consider annually, at its June meeting, the theme for the year ahead, and has the flexibility to determine whether to continue with the theme specified in the five-year programme, or to specify an alternative theme, based on its identification of emerging priority areas for learning and teaching.

The topics for the first of the five-year programmes of Thematic Review are as follows:

Academic Year Topic for Thematic Review
2015/16 Technology-enhanced learning and teaching
2016/17 Assessment
2017/18 ALP and IDL student learning experience; PGT student learning experience
2018/19 Induction, Transition and Retention
2019/20 Employability and Graduate Attributes

There may be modifications to the above topic list due to emerging priorities in learning and teaching, both within Heriot-Watt and across the HE sector.

The Thematic Review process is outlined in detail in Thematic Review: Handbook for Review of Institution-wide Learning and Teaching Issues.

Key information

Margaret King