Student Wellbeing Services

Student Wellbeing Services aims to provide a range of support, guidance, activities and advice to help students to be their best, and get the most from their university experience.

If you are struggling to achieve your goals, or are facing particular difficulties which are affecting your wellbeing, mood or behaviour, then please come and talk to us. We are based within the Wellbeing Centre in Hugh Nisbet building, and there are many ways in which we can help.

Our services include:


If you have, or think that you may have, a disability or impairment that impacts on your ability to study, then we can advise and support you through your university career. Full details of our Disability Service are available.


Being a student can be stressful at times, and meeting with a counsellor can give you a confidential, safe space to talk about, and understand, your experiences from a different perspective. Full details of our Counselling Service are available.

Thinking of leaving?

Many students think about leaving university at some stage during their studies. If anything is bothering you or you are thinking about leaving, please speak to a member of staff to explore and understand what you can do.

You can check out the useful information for students thinking of leaving or come along to a Drop In session on Tuesdays 1400-1600 and Fridays 1000-1200, in the Wellbeing Centre, to talk to an advisor.


Coaching helps you clarify what you would like to achieve and how you will work towards this.  Coaching can help you overcome challenges and stay focussed on achieving the outcomes you have set. Your coach will provide support and encouragement to help you reflect on the current situation, explore options and ways to overcome barriers so you can move forward.  To book an appointment please email

Wellbeing support

Feeling uncertain about your course, knowing that you are struggling because of a crisis in your family, not sleeping, or just feeling rubbish because you have fallen out with your flatmates….again, can all contribute to times of feeling low and worrying about how to manage all of the demands of being a student. We provide a range of resources to help bolster a feeling of wellbeing and resilience.

  • You can learn more about campus based, weekly wellbeing activities.
  • Drop In sessions – no appointment needed, between 2-3pm every week day in the Wellbeing Centre, Hugh Nisbet building, opposite the cash machine, for a short support meeting.
  • Within campus accommodation, the role of Residence Life is to provide support to all students. Each hall has a warden to offer advice, support and deal with any problems along the way. They are available within specific hours in the halls, or within Drop In sessions in the Residence Life Office.
Mental health support

Having a mental health condition can be disruptive to your usual routines and activities, and may feel like a challenge to your student life. Within the Wellbeing Centre we are able to work with you, and other people who are supporting you, to help you manage your mental health and studies. Additional support is available through our Mental Health Advisor and Mental Health Mentor who are both professionally qualified to assess and support your health, support and learning needs.

For further information please email

Online 24/7 resources

Togetherall provides a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings and learn how to improve and self-manage your mental health and wellbeing. It's available 24/7, is totally anonymous and provides online peer support.

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