Self help and helplines


The supports / links listed below are online resources which can support positive wellbeing and mental health which are available mainly 24/7. 

Together all – Free to all Heriot Watt Students, confidential 24/7 safe space online to talk, to explore your feelings, and to learn how to improve and manage your mental health and wellbeing. Range of self-help courses which include Managing Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Self- harm,  Panic and Coping with Grief and Loss.

NHS Mental Health Apps

Heriot Watt offer a self-help service with the library; books, apps and other resources to help with mental health such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drink and drugs and sleep. You can access them free at the library or online.

Heriot Watt Wellbeing Activities

Heriot Watt Podcasts from the Wellbeing team.

School of Life, You Tube videos        

 iThrive - Online space for mental health and Wellbeing information in Edinburgh.

iThrive - For tips and information to boost your mental health and wellbeing.


iThrive helplines  - A range of helplines that can support you with anxiety, stress, domestic

Ted Talks

 Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

The power of introverts

Listening to shame

How to make stress your friend

Support around the world                                   

If you’re not in the UK and need mental health support urgently you can look up crisis lines in your country by clicking on the following links

Helplines and crisis-lines from around the world

Befrienders Worldwide


Consent: If you're curious about how TV might help bring conversations about consent to your University this course will give you an understanding of how TV works to support your students, welfare teams, reporting teams, academic staff and tutors.

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