Other support and helplines

Self-help and 24 hour helplines

Throughout the year we offer sessions at the library to help develop skills in overcoming exam stress or procrastination.

We also offer a self-help service with the library; we will recommend books to you on many common psychological difficulties and you can then access them free at the library.

We also offer support to use online resources such as ‘Overcoming Bulimia online'. Please contact us for access to this free resource.


Anxiety UK - Contains factsheets and downloadable booklets on a wide range of anxiety issues, including social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and stress.


Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland - Bereavement support website with helpful material and resources as well as a dedicated helpline number.


We also offer free access and support to use the online resource ‘Overcoming Bulimia online'. Please contact us for access to this resource.


Students Against Depression - This has lots of information for students who are suicidal and has some very specific advice and guidance for staying safe.

Breathing Space Scotland - offer advice, information and a confidential telephone helpline to anyone who is struggling with depression.

Drugs and alcohol


Know the Score - Information and resources concerning drug use and its effects.

Alcohol Concern - Advice and support with concerns about your own or someone else's drinking.

Eating disorders

Beat - Eating disorders association website providing information, guidance and support. The site has details of their telephone, email and text helplines as well as links to other sources of advice and help.

Self-help and information

Living Life to the Full - Free online “life skills” course that uses a variety of interactive exercises to help you explore and deal with difficult issues. The course includes sections on topics such as practical problem solving, techniques for controlling anxiety and changing unhelpful thoughts. You can work through these independently at your own pace.

Mood Juice - Comprehensive self-help and information site with suggestions and advice on a wide range of concerns such as anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, shyness and social phobias as well as issues such as debt and relationships. Contains printable worksheets to allow you to work through and find solutions to common problems.

Shape of Mind - Similar to Moodjuice, this interactive site provides useful techniques and coping strategies to deal with problems like anxiety, low mood, stress and self-harm.

General mental health and wellbeing

Health In Mind's information site with links to many local services and sources of help and advice. Edspace also have a helpline should you be looking for specific information that you are having difficulty locating elsewhere.

The Mental Health Foundation's website contains free and downloadable podcasts on subjects such as stress, overcoming anxiety and relaxation techniques.

Mind - Extensive online resource with information on a wide range of mental health matters.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists site contains readable, user friendly and accurate information about mental health problems.

24 hour helpline services