Wellbeing activities

Our wellbeing activities give you the opportunity to take a small break from busy university life to focus on your own physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you want to meet other students, or find techniques to overcome any stress or anxiety – we offer a wide range of activities and workshops.

2020/21 - Semester One

In light of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the majority of our activities for semester 1 in the 2020/21 academic year will be online. Online sessions will require registration. Details are available in the timetable below.

Registration for activities closes 24 hours before the session starts. For activities held on a Monday, registration closes on the Friday before the session.

Wellbeing activities timetable

Semester One Activities 2020/21
Week Date Activity When Where
2 Thursday 24 Sept 2020 Planning for Success 11.00am-12.00pm Online - registration open
3 Thursday 1 Oct 2020 Mindfulness 4-5pm Online - registration open
4 Wednesday 7 Oct 2020 Wellbeing Art 12-2pm Online - registration open
  Thursday 8 Oct 2020 Mindfulness 4-5pm Online - registration open
5 Tuesday 13 Oct 2020 Self Care and Your Studies 2.00-3.00pm Online - registration open
  Wednesday 14 Oct 2020 How to Get Started With Your Dissertation 11.00am-12.00pm Online - registration open
  Thursday 15 Oct 2020 Mindfulness 4-5pm Online - registration open
6 Thursday 22 Oct 2020 Sleep Workshop 1.30-2.30pm Online - registration open
  Thursday 22 Oct 2020 Mindfulness 4-5pm Online - registration open
7 Monday 26 Oct 2020 Coping With Presentation Nerves 3.00-4.00pm Online - registration open
8 Monday 2 Nov 2020 Done is Better than Perfect: Procrastination & Self Esteem 3.00-5pm Online - registration open
9 Wednesday 11 Nov 2020 Managing Anxiety 3.00-4.00pm Online - registration open
10 Wednesday 18 Nov 2020 How to Manage Exam Stress 12.00-1.00pm Online - registration open
11 Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 Time Out Tea - pre-assessment check-in 3-4pm Online - registration coming soon
12 Monday 30 Nov - Friday 18 Dec 2020 Managing Exam Stress: Drop In Service Daily 2-3pm Online - registration coming soon

Our wellbeing activities

Done is Better Than Perfect: Procrastination and Self Esteem

Do you ever struggle with low self-esteem, feel pressure to do everything perfectly or find it hard to bounce back after failure? This introductory workshop hopes to help you cope a little better.

During the session we will look at building self-esteem, breaking procrastination cycles and managing the perfectionism trap, offering helpful information, individual exercises (to be done at the time or taken away) and advice on tools that work. All are welcome, there is no pressure on anyone who attends to say or do anything, you can just come along and listen.

Self Care and Your Studies
Time at University can be very enjoyable but also quite stressful: academic life has many demands on students and sometimes it might be easy to forget to look after yourself. This informal presentation will look at ways of taking care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally, including making time to calm down, take breaks, re-energise and feel good about yourself, with the goal of supporting good health and having the best chance for success.
Sleep Workshop
Sleep is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, but it often ends up coming low in our list of priorities. This workshop will look at why sleep matters and at what can stop us sleeping well and will offer some sleep hygiene advice for sleeping better.
Coping With Presentation Nerves
Strategies to help make presenting less of an ordeal. It is common for people to get nervous at the thought of giving a presentation. Standing up and speaking in front of a group can cause anxiety and mind blanks. This session will equip you with some strategies to manage nerves and help you overcome the fears associated with speaking in public.
How to Manage Exam Stress
Stressed out because exams are looming? Using Cognitive Behavioural Principles this workshop will show you some useful methods to remain calm, feel good and manage both your revision and exams by exploring: how to avoid behaviours that can make stress worse; how stress can affect you - identifying your own exam stress 'triggers'; how to use breathing techniques to help manage anxiety.
Planning for Success
Planning for Success is an event that will allow you to hear about the support available at the University, reflect on your university experience so far, and what steps you can take to make both semester one, and the rest of your time at the University more enjoyable.
Managing Anxiety
Do you often feel anxious or stressed, or do certain situations sometimes feel overwhelming or too much? Learn helpful techniques to manage anxiety using a cognitive behavioural approach.
How to Get Started With Your Dissertation

Run by the Student Success Advisors, this workshop will help you make a successful start on your dissertation.  As recent HWU graduates, the Student Success Advisors have experience of completing a dissertation or project from different subject areas, so can provide you with some tips on taking those first steps. This Power Hour will address planning and structuring, how to approach primary research, creating personal deadlines, managing stress, and staying motivated.

Time Out Tea

This is an informal opportunity to meet other students and enjoy some afternoon tea.


Do you find that you often feel stressed, anxious or on edge? Do you tend to find yourself preoccupied, thinking about the future or going over past events in your mind? Would you like to try a difference approach to managing worry, stress or runaway thoughts? Then you might find the mindfulness group helpful. This is a small, friendly group which aims to help you manage and overcome some of these issues by looking at how to be more mindful in our lives. If you would like more information please email studentwellbeing@hw.ac.uk

Wellbeing Art

Did you know that picking up a pencil to sketch or doodle can relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety? Wellbeing arts is becoming a popular way to try and help reduce any stress or anxious thoughts. Join the wellbeing team for the opportunity to take an hour to relax and draw. This is not an art exam and everyone of all abilities is welcome to come along.

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