About us

Our history

The School of Engineering and Physical Sciences was created in August 2002. The School comprises 90 research-active academic staff and 90 Research Associates, working with 280 postgraduate research students together with 340 students on advanced level courses. The school embraces the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

The School offers courses in all of these disciplines both individually and with a range of specialist options leading to the degrees of BSc, BEng, MChem, MPhys and MEng, as well as innovative interdisciplinary degree courses bringing together specialisations from different subjects such as photonics or robotics and cybertronics. This diversity reflects the interdisciplinary nature of research and associated industries, taking full advantage of the interactions between science and engineering.

Our expertise

Built on a strong foundation of core strengths in each of these areas, we have the expertise to tackle a wide range of challenging and important problems ranging from the truly fundamental to the fully applied and to provide high-level, specialised training to satisfy the needs of modern industry.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of our students and their future employers, offering the highest degree of flexibility and choice within the wide range of topics available. The School enjoys an international reputation for its research and its close connection with the professional and industrial world of science, engineering and technology, reflecting the importance that the University attaches to the quality of its teaching, research and student support.

Our graduates

Our graduates have always enjoyed an excellent reputation for their employability. Whilst many of them go on into careers in science and engineering, they are in great demand in other professions, for example in the financial sector and in general management, because of their training and abilities in quantitative problem-solving and analytical skills. 

Key information

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