Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers are highly valued by employers for their all-round skills, and job prospects are excellent. Graduates are employed in many sectors from fine chemicals and food products, to utility suppliers, pharmaceuticals and oil industry, as well as other areas such as finance and project management.

Chemical Engineering is about transforming raw materials into valuable and desirable products, creating durable products and services, producing the enabling technology and know-how for a sustainable future. Chemical and biochemical engineers often have the satisfaction of being able to make a valuable input at every stage of a project - from the initial idea, through to the product emerging at the end of the line and even to the market. Products from the chemical and process industries ensure these are amongst the most successful and thriving types of business in the UK and around the globe. Chemical engineers play a vital role in achieving that success.

Undergraduate programmes

We offer a BEng and a range of MEng degree programmes. Specialities include Chemical Engineering with Energy Engineering or Oil and Gas Technology.

We also offer a range of student placement leading to a Diploma in Industrial Training.

Our BEng Engineering provides an opportunity to study a range of subjects in the first year and choices about specialisation in later years.  We also have a combined MEng and HND Chemical Engineering with Forth Valley College.