Combined Studies

What is Combined Studies?

Combined Studies is a flexible, broad-based interdisciplinary degree programme, which can be designed to suit your individualised educational needs. This is the ideal course if you wish to tailor your degree to match your interests, your ambitions and your strengths. Our programmes are available as either a three year Ordinary or four years Honours degree, on a full-time or part-time basis. Combined Studies will allow you to keep your options open by enabling you to select an individualised programme of study from across the broad range of subjects. Heriot-Watt is a leading university in the fields of science, technology, research and international business.

The Combined Studies programmes are taught in the following schools:

Programmes are taught across three campuses according to your course selection:

Why choose Combined Studies?

Taking a Combined Studies degree is an opportunity to study a selection of subjects not covered by a standard degree programme. From the wide range of subjects available you can choose the exact blend needed to meet your own specific learning objectives. This method of study brings with it all the same opportunities as a specialist degree e.g. scholarships, research posts and study abroad.

Advantages offered by a Heriot-Watt Combined Studies Degree:

  • Flexibility to study individualised subject combinations, on a full or part-time basis.
  • An excellent mentoring system that welcomes and supports students from day 1 of a degree.
  • Excellent international contacts and opportunities to study abroad.
  • A comprehensive scholarship scheme.

What the Combined Studies student can gain:

  • A Combined Studies degree is extremely flexible, allowing students to keep their options open in respect of both future study and employment opportunities.
  • A Combined Studies degree offers a wider range of opportunities than single or joint honours programmes.
  • Studying more than one subject enables the Combined Studies student to see the world from different perspectives.
  • A Combined Studies degree promotes the values of individuality, adaptability and self-confidence for its graduates.

What makes the Combined Studies graduate attractive to employers:

A Combined Studies degree broadens your knowledge, widens your field of interest and enhances your opportunities for the future.

  • A Combined Studies graduate has designed their degree to maximise their potential for the future, showing innovation and forward thinking.
  • A Combined Studies graduate has recognised where their strengths lie and worked to develop skills where they can have the greatest impact.
  • Through managing a diverse and challenging programme a Combined Studies graduate has proven their skills in problem-solving, multi-tasking and meeting deadlines.

Take a look at the variety of career paths followed by some of our Combined Studies graduates: BSc Combined Studies - Graduate Profiles

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