Teaching staff

For all undergraduate student enquiries, please contact the EPS Student Support Office.

EPS Student Support 0131 451 4100 JN 1.09 epssso@hw.ac.uk

Heads of discipline for each subject area:

Student Support Administrators

All of the teaching administrators and secretaries can all be contacted in the EPS Student Support Office, NS 1.09.

  • Patricia Duncan, Teaching & Learning Manager
  • Amanda Lyness, Team Leader
  • Ryan Beattie, Administrative Assistant
  • Lyndsay Cassidy, PGT Co-ordinator
  • Christopher French, PGT Admissions
  • Irene Fox, Baku Higher Oil School
  • Jongky Harlim, Chemical Engineering
  • Lynn Hounsell, PGT (DL)
  • Josie Jones, Chemistry
  • Barbara Kerr, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sara McCormack, PGT Admissions
  • Sarah McGill, Administrative Assistant
  • Amanda McNeill, Engineers for the Future
  • Anna Mazur, Physics
  • Susie Murphy, Combined Studies
  • Carol Thomson, Bioscience and PGT Admissions
  • Karen Sinclair, PGT Programmes
  • Kim Smith, T & L Secretary
  • Susan White, Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

For all enquiries, please contact the EPS Student Support Office.

EPS Student Support Office Telephone: 0131 451 4100 Office: JN 1.09, James Naysmith Building Email: epssso@hw.ac.uk

Academic staff lists (by research institute)

Academic staff from all of our institutes are involved in teaching and supporting our undergraduate and postgraduate students:

For detail - see lists of all academic staff by institute:

Other academic staff (not in an institute)

A few of our academic staff have particular teaching responsibilities and may not be listed in the institute staff lists above.  People who are directly associated with the school Teaching and Learning Organisation are listed below:

Key information

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