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iNetZ+ net zero and beyond

Through our global research institute, we’re pioneering groundbreaking solutions that will redefine environmental stewardship and propel us toward a carbon-neutral future; achieving net-zero carbon emissions and innovating for the future beyond.

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Delivering the next generation of net-zero innovation

Our leading expertise in decarbonisation, energy and the circular economy is already accelerating the race to net zero. Now we embark on a transformative journey as we direct our world-leading research though the prism of iNetZ+ our global research institute, focused on achieving net zero and beyond. 

We're focused on pivotal areas of research and industry collaboration, including:

- Transport
- Energy in buildings
- Hydrogen economy
- Materials and circularisation
- GeoEnergy
- Nature-based solutions
- Business and finance
- Manufacturing and industry

Our commitment extends beyond research to policy advocacy, influencing sustainable transition at local, national and international levels. Through applied research and collaboration with business and industry, we intend to make a profound impact on the global shift towards a carbon-neutral future. 


Empowering academia and industry through collaboration

At the core of our mission is the integration of research-informed teaching, shaping the next generation of leaders and engineers in the realisation of a net-zero economy.

By fostering a dynamic environment that bridges academia and real-world application, we aim to cultivate a culture of innovation and excellence.

Join us on this groundbreaking venture as we drive positive change and pioneer solutions for a sustainable and net-zero future.

Collaboration to solve grand global challenges

iNetZ+ our global researchers

iNetZ+ theme leads

Transport - Philip Greening 
Energy in Buildings - Eddie Owens 
Hydrogen Economy – Raffaella Ocone and Peter Cummings
Materials and Circularisation: David Bucknall and Gabriela Medero
GeoEnergy: Andreas Busch and Florian Doster
Nature-Based Solutions: Nik Willoughby
Business and Finance: Bing Xu
Manufacturing and Industry: Nik Willoughby and Susana Garcia Lopez

iNetZ+ crosscuts

Equity and Accessibility: Kate Sang
Data and Artificial Intelligence: Ahmed Elsheikh
System Transition: Susan Krumdieck
Impact and Influence: Peter Cummings
Nurture and Collaborate: Kamaljit Singh


What will we deliver?

Embark on an impactful journey with us as we develop new solutions to wicked problems.
Hydrogen economy

Harnessing green hydrogen

We're developing hydrogen production technologies, establishing new methods of transporting fuel and advancing storage solutions. Our researchers champion the use of hydrogen as a renewable energy source across industrial and domestic realms.

Sustainable transport

Decarbonising transport and logistics

By integrating agent-based modelling, data science, operations research, and behavioural change tactics, we'll develop an understanding and implement the necessary technological and operational shifts for new sustainable solutions

Circular and sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturing & industry

We're collaborating with industry to digitally map manufacturing processes. This approach will help to develop universally applicable solutions, enhancing sustainability across various sectors, such as the brewing & distilling industry.

Energy in buildings

Energy in buildings

We're addressing the significant role buildings play in worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption; focusing on pioneering technologies and policies to guide buildings towards net zero, contributing to the global decarbonisation effort.


Nature-based solutions

Collaborating with nature, we tackle key societal challenges. Our focus spans the protection, restoration, and management of natural and semi-natural ecosystems and the sustainable stewardship of aquatic systems and working lands (croplands/timberlands).

GeoEnergy and the earths sub surface


Delving into the synergy between low-carbon energy and the subsurface, we investigate geothermal energy production, hydrogen storage, CO2 sequestration, and radioactive waste disposal.

Sustainable materials and circular economy

Developing sustainable and circular materials

We're pioneering the exploration and application of diverse materials, central to achieving net zero. Our focus spans from the atomistic to the macroscopic, blending fundamental insights with applied studies and industry collaboration.

Business and finance modelling

Business and finance

The non-technical facets of business and finance are pivotal in embracing transformation for a net zero future. We'll design groundbreaking models in harmony with social, economic, and political demands - smoothing the path towards a circular economy.

We're building collaborations with other academic institutions, public bodies and private sector organisations to develop the solutions needed.

How do we create impact?

From creating new talent and innovation to supporting start-ups and etsablished organisations; find out how our globally connected ecosytem benefits everyone.

We're already delivering progress

Immerse yourself in these articles and see how we are using our pioneering solutions to shape the future of environmental and energy technologies.

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From discovery to application, our pioneering research delivers results with global impact, helping to transform society, drive the economy and change lives.


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