Widening participation events

The widening participation (WP) team run several events throughout the year. These events are designed to target specific groups who fit our WP criteria and are delivered at various times throughout the year. 

Each event has been carefully tailored to the specific group needs, with the aim of giving you the most up-to-date information required at the time of event delivery. 

We will keep this page as up to date as possible throughout the year, so please keep checking back to these pages to see if there are any events are applicable to you. 
College events

Associate Student Event

We are inviting our Year 2 Associates from Edinburgh College and Forth Valley College to join us on campus on Tuesday 8 March, from 10am-1pm. Following that, we are inviting our Year 1 Associates to join us on campus on Wednesday 9 March, from 10am-1pm. 

During the day, we will show you our on-campus resources, such as our library and study facilities. You will then attend an engineering lecture. This will be attended by our current engineering students; the cohort you will be joining on completion of your HND! After the lecture, we will introduce you to some of our students and staff, who will give you a tour of our engineering department, and beautiful campus.

If you are eligible to attend this event, you will have been contacted independently. If you have not received correspondence on this event, please email

Direct Entry (DE) Offer Holder Day

Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society (EGIS)

We are hosting an offer holder day for students who have applied for direct entry into 2nd or 3rd year. This is for students who have applied for any of our degree programmes that lie within our EGIS School. We will introduce you to all the support we have available, and to the staff and students in the 2nd and 3rd year of your programme. 

COVID permitting, we intend to hold our College Offer Holder days in May 2022.

Registration coming soon.

Offer Holder Events

Making the Move 

Student Support Day for Offer Holders

We are hosting an on campus offer holder day on Friday 8 April to Saturday 21 May 2022 that has been specially designed for students who are holding an offer and fit our widening participation criteria. 

The aim of the event is to inform our offer holders of the different student support they may be entitled to and introduce key staff members who can help with accessing these support networks. 

This event differs from the general offer holder days being advertised, as it will focus on the softer side of university life. You will also have the opportunity to see more of our beautiful campus and speak to current students.

Book your place at one of our Making the Move days

School events

Brightest Watts Outreach Programme

We are sorry to say our Brightest Watts Outreach Programme has ended. We are still delivering masterclasses to the participants who took part in our programme during 2020 and 2021. We would like to remind any current or prospective students who took part in our Brightest Watts Outreach programme that we have an access bursary, specifically aimed for you. For more information you can email, or check our bursary webpages.

If you have any questions or require assistance about making a university application, we encourage you to contact us at We would also like to remind any former Brightest Watts participants that they are eligible to apply for our Baillie Gifford Access Bursary. For more information, please email


Workshops and campus visits

Even though Brightest Watts has ended for now, we would like to reiterate that we are still working with schools to deliver ad-hoc workshops and collaborative projects.

If you are interested in exploring the idea of us delivering a workshop in your school; or you would like to discuss the possibility of a campus visit, please do contact us at

Teachers Conference

We are planning to host a teachers conference this year, around April/May. The aim of the day will be to allow you to meet our academics and take part in some workshops. This is a good opportunity for you to gain first-hand experience of the workshop content and for us to gain valuable insight and feedback on how our workshops can better fit with your CofE framework. 

If you would like us to keep you up-to-date with our workshop and event information, please email with your name, contact address and school and we can add you to our mailing list.