Tuition fees

Find out more about undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees for our Edinburgh, Scottish Borders and Orkney campuses. Tuition fees must be paid for each year of your programme. How and when you pay tuition fees for your programme depends on your level of study.

Tuition fee fraud

Students should beware of a current tuition fee fraud scam targeting students at universities in the UK. Scammers may approach students to pay tuition fees on their behalf at a discounted rate. You should be aware that nobody outside Heriot-Watt University has the authority to discount your agreed tuition fees.

A scammer can contact you in many ways, including in person, by email or through social media.

Scammers use stolen credit card numbers to pay fees and are therefore breaking the law. If you get involved with this scam, you will lose money to the scammers, your student debt will be reinstated and you will still be required to pay your full tuition fees. You may also be subject to disciplinary action by the University and may be interviewed by the Police as part of a criminal investigation. 

If you are a victim of fraud or concerned about any approach made to you about fees payments, you should contact the Student Service Centre at the University, and support will be provided. 

What can you do?

 If you think you have received a phishing email to your account:

  • Do not click on any links
  • Do not open any attachments
  • Do not reply to the message

Notify Information Services if you receive a phishing email, or if you have concerns about whether an email is real or not, please forward it to and then delete it.


We know this can be worrying, but please remember we are here to support you. If you suspect you have been affected by this scam or fraud more generally, please contact the Student Service Centre, via the Student Portal, who can provide support.

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Our generous bursaries combined with the flexibility to enter your honours degree programme directly into Year 2 makes Heriot-Watt an attractive option for A-Level and other entrants from England, Northern Ireland or Wales.