Teaching timetables

January Semester teaching timetables are now available. Timetables are subject to change even after publication.

2022/23 timetables

How will I know where my classes take place?

Each class on the timetable will show whether it is scheduled to a classroom or laboratory on campus, or if it is an online event. This is shown in the top-right-hand corner of each class:

  • A room number is shown, for example: EM252, EG-LR1, or 2.09. These are face-to-face classes on campus.
  • 'Online-Live' with no room number: a live class online with your lecturer
  • 'Online-Live' with a room number, for example: EM252, E1.14, or 4.31. These are live classes where you need to connect to a remote computer in the room (see Computer labs question, below)

Why are some classes repeated through the week

Some classes, especially tutorials, are repeated several times in a week. You may not need to attend all these events. Your lecturers will let you know closer to the start of the semester which of these sessions you should attend.

How do I access computer labs that are timetabled?

If the class displays ‘Online live’ with a room number (for example 'Online-live, EM252'), the delivery is online and the computer laboratory code will indicate the digital lab.

To access a digital lab, you use an online tool called ‘Keyserver’. This will enable you to select the correct computer lab for a timetabled session. More information on how to use ‘Keyserver’ will be made available on the ‘Canvas’ (the Virtual Learning Environment) for every course scheduled in the timetable.

If the class displays only the computer laboratory code (for example 'EM252'), the delivery is on-campus.

If you choose to attend online delivery while on-campus, there are spaces available in the Library, Learning Commons, the GRID and computer labs (when these are not booked for teaching - please check the room timetable).

Will there be other resources or events, not timetabled?

A course might include pre-recorded delivery; this type of delivery is not displayed on the timetables; the course leader will provide information on when this is available through ‘Canvas’, the Virtual Learning Environment.

Some subjects will also arrange additional classes that will be advised to you by course leaders. These may be on-campus or online.

Will the timetable change after it is published?

The timetables are subject to change, depending on course registrations.

January semester teaching timetables 

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Please use Microsoft Edge to view your timetables as this provides the best representation online.

Please note timetables are subject to change even after publication


Most of our teaching rooms are wheelchair accessible. All lecture theatres are fitted with infrared hearing systems.

For more detailed information on accessibility at Edinburgh Campus, please check our University information on the AccessAble website


We are constantly aiming to improve the service we offer. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services or you would like to comment on any aspect of timetabling please e-mail timetabling@hw.ac.uk

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