Career Fairs

Careers fairs and insight events are popular ways for employers to engage with our students. We run a number of sector-specific careers fairs and insight events throughout the academic year, which is a great way to raise your profile on campus. The aim of these events is to make penultimate and final year students aware of the work experience, internships and permanent positions available within your company. We also encourage earlier years to attend the fairs as a useful way to develop their understanding of industry.

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You can still apply for a place at the following careers events at Heriot-Watt University:

Academic Year 2022/23: Semester 2

  • Mathematical Careers Insight Event - Wednesday 8th February (online)
  • All Discipline Careers Fair - Thursday 9th February (on-campus)
    The aim of the event is to ensure our students are aware of the range of graduate and work experience opportunities still available to apply for during the 2nd semester. We believe the fair offers a valuable opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation to students at Heriot-Watt University. The fair will be mainly promoted to penultimate year, final year and postgraduate students.
  • Green Energy Careers Insight Event - Wednesday 15 February (online)
  • Volunteering Careers Fair - Wednesday 22 February (on-campus)
  • Geography Careers Insight Event - Wednesday 1 March (online)

Academic Year 2023/24: Semester 1 

  • CPM/QS Careers Insight Event - date tbc
  • Real Estate & Planning Careers Insight Event - date tbc
  • STEM & Business Careers Fair - Thursday 5 October 2023
  • Construction & Property Careers Fair - date tbc
  • Actuarial Careers Fair - date tbc

If you are interested in any of the above events, please contact the Employer Engagement team for more information at 

Heriot-Watt Careers Fair



[QUESTION] What made you decide to choose Heriot Watt as a university to recruit students and graduates?

Andrew Leaver (Charles River): “We've recruited some amazing graduates from Heriot Watt and they're still with us today, so it makes sense for us to continue building that really strong collaborative working partnership.” 

Becky MacDonald (Blyth & Blyth): “They do placements here which they don't do at other universities. So, the masters is something I've been talking to people about - they do 10 month placements in companies so that really helps, like, they have experience when they join our
company already. They're not just graduates really.” 

Donal Hickey (Excyte): “It's obviously got some excellent courses within engineering, construction and commercial as well. Also, we have a lot of former students of Heriot Watt work for us in Ireland.” 

Peter Smith (EMEA): “The second reason for choosing Heriot Watt was I'm actually a graduate of Heriot Watt myself. I know of the qualities and the history of the university and it was a natural choice for us to come here to try and get recruits.”

Louise McGinlay (Scottish Woodlands): “Heriot Watt has a great range of courses which can all work within forestry. Considering we're working towards the zero net emissions by 2050, we're looking for lots of individuals that are keen to challenge themselves and bring these different skills within our company to help us meet these goals, and also innovate Scottish Woodlands itself”