Student Union

Students walking past a sign reading 'The Union'
Student Union at the Scottish Borders Campus

There's more to university life than simply getting your degree, and Heriot-Watt University Student Union is all about helping you to have the best possible experience while you study here.

Your student experience

Heriot-Watt University Student Union is run by students, for students. It aims to promote, defend and extend students rights, provide advice and support, empower student social and voluntary activity as well as providing a range of services in an environment where individuals can feel safe and able to participate.

It is dedicated to ensuring that the student experience at Heriot-Watt is rewarding, and involves activities that are fun, while helping to develop a whole range of skills and abilities. The Student Union welcomes any student who wants to get involved, whether running events, counselling, campaigning or sound engineering. The list is endless: there is something in the Student Union for everyone.

Events & entertainment

Some of your most important experiences of University happen outside of study. At the Student Union you will find a full programme of weekly entertainments including live music, stand-up comedy, club nights and our infamous Monday night pub quiz.

Advice & support

The Student Union Advice and Support Centre provides support on all aspects of student life, including financial advice, counselling and advocacy throughout academic, disciplinary and financial issues.

Many people view their next four years at Heriot-Watt as the best years of their lives and we're here to make sure you feel the same way by the time you leave.