Our support staff in Orkney can provide detailed information on accommodation within Stromness and Orkney and have up-to-date details for over 50 local estate agents and landlords who are interested in leasing to students. Please contact for the accommodation list.

A number of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom properties within walking distance of the Orkney Campus are available to rent. You should expect to pay about £330 to £500 a month for accommodation. These costs are only estimates and you should also take into account power costs of around £10 a week in winter and internet costs of about £32 a month based on two students sharing a property – but this varies between properties. Remember to factor in sport or social and other living costs. Living costs are higher if you choose to live alone. 

Local weekly newspapers, such as The Orcadian, advertise reasonably priced properties in and around Stromness. is also a good sources of information on accommodation as well as for finding out more about the area and the marine renewable industry. 

Please be sure to organise your accommodation well in advance of coming to live in Orkney as there is often a high demand for it. 

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