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Corporate publications

Find out more about Heriot-Watt University from our selection of corporate publications:

  • Annual Report and Financial Statements 2023 - our annual report and financial statement for the year ending 31 July 2023. Previous issues are also available.
  • Strategic Plan - Our Strategy 2025 publication 'Shaping Tomorrow Together' expresses our goal: to educate our students to flourish in their learning and life skills, and for our University to deliver research and enterprise with profound impact on the communities that we serve.
  • Economic Recovery Prospectus - Our Recovery Prospectus illustrates Heriot-Watt University’s commitment to supporting the global recovery efforts in relation to Covid-19.
  • Our Heritage* - Read the story of Heriot-Watt University from our origins in the Scottish Enlightenment, to pioneering women's education in the nineteenth century, our ambitious expansion in the twentieth century, and the more recent opening of our Dubai and Malaysia Campuses.
  • Our Global Story - We are a globally connected university with campuses in Scotland, Dubai and Malaysia. Read about our global impact through partnerships, alumni and research collaborations around the world.
  • Your Guide to the Campus - Explore our wonderful, green campus in Edinburgh through our illustrated guides to the tree, landscape, bird, art and history trails through the campus.
  • Your Guide to the Art Collection - This illustrated guide explores Heriot-Watt's long-standing relationship with the visual arts, reflecting our history and the people who have shaped its development over two centuries.
  • Your Guide to Heriot-Watt University's Heritage - Delve into our rich and inspiring history to discover how we built our international reputation as one of the leading UK universities through two centuries of learning.

* 'Our Heritage' is partly based on Heriot-Watt University: an illustrated history by Patrick N. O’Farrell. Copies are available in the University Library.