Academic partnerships

Heriot-Watt is a university with global presence and a visionary international strategy. Since the early 1990s, we have built sustainable academic partnerships with institutions across the globe from the US to the Ukraine and from China to Trinidad and Tobago.

Our extensive global partnership network includes 50 Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) in 30 countries delivering Heriot-Watt degree programmes to 8,000 students.

A flexible approach to learning

Our initiatives over the past 20 years to research and develop new, flexible approaches to learning and teaching have been central to achieving a global presence and providing access to Heriot-Watt degrees through partner institutions or as independent learning programmes.

The ability to offer flexible modes of study is a key aspect and Heriot-Watt students welcome the opportunity to study in their home country; to come to university in the evenings and weekends, or to study independently as a mature student with demanding work commitments.

The main objective is to provide wider access to our programmes and to develop long-term teaching and research partnerships with academic institutions throughout the world.

Quality assurance

Heriot-Watt University has developed a robust approach to Quality Assurance which ensures that the quality and standard of a Heriot-Watt award is guaranteed, irrespective of location or mode of study. The International Centre for Examinations helps to secure the quality assurance of international programmes.

Whether studying on-campus, as independent learners or with an Approved Learning Partner, students sit the same exams and choose the location of their examination to suit their needs.

Key information

Key fact

50% of overseas students who are awarded a Scottish degree obtain that degree from Heriot-Watt University