Why partner with Heriot-Watt?

An established international presence

Heriot-Watt has an established international presence and highly developed networks with major organisations around the world.

Our global partnerships reflect our commitment to providing access for all to a high quality learning experience, and we've currently established 50 international academic learning partners in 30 countries.

Focus on international development

Our aim is to continue to build our international presence and extend our global reach through the provision of high quality learning, teaching and research activities.

Over the next ten years, we intend to extend the availability of a Heriot-Watt education through the development of our global partner network and the creation of further overseas campuses.

Our academic learning partnerships

We have an established network of Academic Learning Partners (ALPs) around the world, allowing students to register and study for a Heriot-Watt degree within their own country.

The range and quality of this network has contributed to our reputation as Scotland's most international university and we continue to focus on building long term, sustainable partnerships that deliver high quality education around the globe.

Our Academic Learning Partners offer a developing range of flexible learning programmes underpinned by strong quality assurance processes.

Comprehensive learning materials are provided in on-line or paper based format and many of the teaching staff at our partner institutions work closely with colleagues based at Heriot-Watt's Scottish, Dubai and Malaysia Campuses.

In addition to the ALP model, Heriot-Watt has a significant number of collaborative arrangements, both in teaching and research, with institutions around the world. Some of these provide articulation arrangements for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Key information

Ruth Moir

Key fact

There are 10,500 students studying on Heriot-Watt University's international programmes through our network of 43 Approved Learning Partners in 35 countries.