Schools Outreach

P4 pupils from Nethercurrie PS bury time capsule at National Robotarium

Heriot-Watt University is dedicated to inspiring and engaging the next generation of learners through a variety of dynamic schools outreach activities. Our programs aim to spark curiosity, promote STEM education, and provide students with hands-on learning experiences. Key initiatives include:

Workshops and Demonstrations: Interactive sessions that bring all subjects to life, including science, technology, and engineering, encouraging students to explore and pursue these fields.

Teacher Support: Support for teachers and pupils to build confidence, and achieve their educational goals.

Special Events and Competitions: Working with external educational partners to create engaging activities such as science fairs, coding challenges, and engineering competitions that promote teamwork and innovation.

Student Ambassadors: We support our students to develop the skills and confidence to deliver hands on experiences with pupils of all ages, breaking down barriers to entry for future learners.

Our outreach activities are designed to be inclusive and accessible, ensuring students from all backgrounds can participate and benefit. By partnering with schools and educators, we strive to make a positive impact on the educational journey of young learners. For more information, contact

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