Applying for programmes

How and when should I apply for a programme at Heriot-Watt University?

You can find out everything you need to know about applying for the programme you want to study in the 'How to apply' section.

Do you accept late applications?

We would advise that you speak to the admissions tutor for the programme you are considering applying to for more advice on late applications.

Applying for undergraduate programmes

How many programmes can I apply for?

A maximum of five choices is available. The majority of students pick the same subject at five different universities. Whichever programmes you decide to choose, you should only apply to universities you want to go to. If you have not used all your choices, you might be able to add another later, depending on your status.

What should I write on my personal statement section of the UCAS form to ensure a place at Heriot-Watt University?

You can read the 'Help with your application' section for some hints and tips on what to write in your personal statement.

What should I include in my portfolio for the Textiles and Design programmes?

Portfolio advice and guidelines can be obtained from the School of Textiles and Design.

Do you accept all Higher and A-Level subjects?

Specific information on entry requirements can be found under each programme description. General information on the types of qualification that we accept can be found in the 'Entry requirements' section.

What happens if I miss a grade in my Highers or A-Levels?

If you have missed a grade required to meet the conditions of your offer, you should contact us to find out whether or not your place can be confirmed. Some students may be accepted and others may be offered an alternative programme (please note that students who achieve the conditions of their offers do not need to call as their place will be automatically confirmed).

For those who find themselves without an offer of a place, or decide to apply late, Clearing is a service available between July and September, but is mostly used after the exam results are published in August. If you are flexible and you have reasonable exam results, there is still a good chance you will find another programme through Clearing.

There are other routes to entry if you don't have the necessary qualifications to start on one of our degree programmes.

Is it a disadvantage for students to take a gap year?

At Heriot-Watt University we welcome students who wish to take a gap year before beginning their studies. If you wish to defer entry then it is important to tell us this on the appropriate section of the UCAS form. The admissions tutor will probably want to discuss your plans for the year, but most recognise that a gap year spent travelling or working can be valuable preparation for university life.

If you have already applied and are now unable to start your studies as planned, you can request to change your start date. Our Deferral Policy provides guidance as to when and how deferrals can be requested and the rationale for accepting or declining this request.

Can I gain advanced entry to a programme?

It may be possible to gain advanced entry onto some of our programmes, depending on your qualifications. Each programme section details second year entry requirements for students holding A-Levels or Advanced Highers. You can also find general guidance on advanced entry on the entry requirements page.

Do you interview applicants?

Most programmes operate an informal interview system whereby applicants are invited to discuss their programme of study with staff. Some hold compulsory interviews. A telephone interview may be possible for those who are unable to attend in person.

Financial matters

How much does a degree cost?

As a student, you will have two main types of expenses: tuition fees for your programme and living costs. Tuition fees are different for each programme, and your living costs will vary depending on your situation.

Can I get financial support for my studies?

There may be additional financial support available to you, such as a student loan, depending on your circumstances.

Are there any university scholarships available?

Yes, a range of scholarships are available for students planning to study at Heriot-Watt University.

Student life

What are the University semester dates?

Heriot-Watt's academic year is split into two semesters. You can check the academic calendar for the exact semester dates.

How long are your degree programmes?

All our undergraduate Honours Degree programmes are four years in length, but some enhanced first degree programmes are five year in length.

Is there any accommodation available on campus and how do I apply?

Halls of residence are available at the Edinburgh Campus, Scottish Borders CampusDubai Campus and Malaysia Campus.

There are no halls of residence or University leased flats at our Orkney Campus, but our Orkney Student Support Adviser is happy to help you find private accommodation locally.

What if I become ill or need other kinds of support?

All students studying at the Edinburgh Campus can register with the Heriot-Watt Health Centre, which provides medical and dental services. Our Student Support office is also equipped to provide support and guidance on issues such as accommodation, personal counselling, welfare, academic counselling and finance. Students with disabilities are offered an extensive range of support from our Disability Service.

Are there opportunities for study abroad?

Study abroad is integral to all of our language programmes, and is an available option on some of our other degree programmes. Many such exchanges do not require multi-lingual skills. Please consult individual programme details for advice.


Will I find a job at the end of my programme?

Heriot-Watt is firmly focused on delivering a first class educational experience that equips you for life and your career. Our degrees are career focused and relevant to the needs of business and industry, which is why employers actively seek out our graduates. Find out more about what you can expect from your career after studying at Heriot-Watt.

What are the opportunities for part-time employment while studying?

Our award-winning Careers Service can help you find part-time work and vacation employment.

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