This category covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of human resources, rather than information relating to individual members of staff (exempt from disclosure as personal information). The information available covers Personnel policies and procedures (including terms and conditions of service and all current versions of the information specified in each category).

This page includes information on:

  • Staff profile
  • Recruitment policies
  • Employment terms
  • Promotion
  • Pensions
  • Discipline
  • Grievance
  • Employee relations
  • Public interest disclosure ("Whistle-blowing")
  • Staff development
  • Staff records
  • Staff facilities

Staff profile

Statistical information on staff. Information in this category currently includes:

A summary profile of staff by category is included in the Annual Statistics report of the University.

Additional information can be requested by writing to us at

Information on the University's policies and strategies for Equality and Diversity can be found in Section 12 of the scheme.

Recruitment policies

Policies, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to recruitment. Information in this Category currently includes:

Regulations relating to recruitment

Regulations relating to recruitment of the University on the appointment of academic, academic-related staff and the librarian can be found in our Ordinances.

Policies/guidelines relating to recruitment

The University's staff recruitment policy guidance including advertising and appointing new staff.

Employment terms

Generic terms and conditions of employment. Information in this Category currently includes:

Regulations relating to appointments

Regulations relating to appointments include various Ordinances of the University as follows:

Conditions of service

Conditions of service are covered in the list of Policies and Procedures.

Salary grades and scales are available on our website.

Human Resources and Development policies not included in any other Category including:

  • Flexible Working Policy;
  • Parental Leave Policy;
  • Paternity Leave Policy;
  • Redeployment Policy and Procedure in Relation to ill health and disability;
  • Child Care Vouchers Policy;
  • Sickness absence policy;
  • Maternity leave;

Can be found on our Human Resources Polices and procedures page.

Performance management

Procedures for setting and reviewing probationary targets are on the Probation Procedures pages.

Information on the University's Performance and Development Review process is available on the PDR page.

The University's Capability and Performance Management Policies.


Please read our policies, statements, procedures, guidelines and statistics relating to promotion, re–grading and salary reviews.


Policies and guidelines on pension arrangements for staff. Information in this Category currently includes:

Information on contribution rates (institutional and individual), benefits and benefit accrual rates, and funding valuations of pension schemes. Brief details of the University's Superannuation Schemes are available.

Information on contribution rates (institutional and individual), benefits and benefit accrual rates and funding valuations of pension schemes can be requested by emailing us at

Early Retirement Policy

The University's Policy on Early Retirement is available at: provide link here
Additional information can be requested by emailing us at


Disciplinary procedures and policies. Information in this Category currently includes:

Our Disciplinary Procedures and Rules

Please download our disciplinary procedures.

Procedures for staff disciplinary tribunals and appeals procedure

Procedures for disciplinary tribunals are for appeals are covered by Ordinances of the University.

Bullying and Harassment Policy and other Human Resources policies where disciplinary action may follow if breached

You can find information including:

  • Policy on Bullying and Harassment;
  • Policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse;
  • Policy on Computing & Telecommunications Usage;
  • Guidelines and Rules on Consultancy;
  • Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • Equality and Diversity Policy;
  • Policy on Intellectual Property;
  • Confidential Information and Commercialisation;
  • Public Interest Disclosure Policy;
  • Pride and belonging

If you cannot find the relevant document, please contact us via


Please download our grievance procedures and policies.

Employee Relations

Collective bargaining and consultation procedures with recognised Trades Unions and Professional Organisations and agreements reached. Information in this Category currently includes:

Agreements reached under these procedures.

Useful external information on the main trades unions associated with employees of the University includes:

For additional, please email us via

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) is the employers' association for Universities and higher education in the UK. This organisation provides a framework within which institutions can discuss and seek advice on all matters connected with employment and employee relations.

Public Interest Disclosure (or "Whistle-blowing")

Please download our policy on Public Interest Disclosure.

Staff Records

Policy on the collection, maintenance and use of personal information about staff. Information in this Category currently includes:

  • Policy and procedures covering the collection, checking, maintenance and disposal of data
  • Handling of Disclosure Information

The University's Policy on Handling, Holding and Destroying Disclosure Information.

Arrangements for making subject access requests

Information is available by clicking here.

Individual subject access requests

Such requests should using the Subject Access request form.

Arrangements for the provision of data to the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA), the Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council (SFC), and other bodies with statutory rights to data.

The HR section returns staff records data annually each November to the HESA. This information is used subsequently by SFC. For additional information, please email us via

Aggregated staff returns to HESA.
For additional information, please email us via

Staff facilities

Description of the facilities and services available to members of staff. Information in this Category currently includes: Information on services available to staff.

See also Section 8.17 External and Community relations: Community relations for information about facilities available to both staff and the wider community.

Credit Union

All employees of Heriot-Watt, Napier, Edinburgh and Queen Margaret Universities are eligible to join the first Scottish University Credit Union Limited. It is a democratic, member-owned and controlled financial co-operative, independent of the Universities.