Personal data access

Everyone has the right to find out what personal data the University holds about them, why, who has access to the data and to check that the information is accurate and fair.

All requests for personal data must be in writing. If the person that you are asking for information does not know you personally, we will ask you to provide proof of your identity so that we can be sure that we are disclosing your information to the right person. We accept the following proofs of identity: your student or staff ID card, a birth certificate, passport or driving licence.

The University does not charge for handling a request for one's own personal data.  We reserve the right to charge for repeated requests.

Requests from current or former students 

Routine requests e.g. transcripts, assignment details, etc should be directed either to the relevant School or to the Student Service Centre via .  More complex requests requiring extensive or lengthy searches should be directed to Information Governance via 

Requests from current or former members of staff or members of the public

Any member of staff, past or present, or member of the public who wants to know what personal data the University holds on them should submit a request via 

Information Governance are always happy to advise on how to make requests for personal data.

Find out more in our procedures for responding to requests for personal data.

Key information

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