HR and Physical Resources

8.9 Human resources and development

This category covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of human resources, rather than information relating to individual members of staff (exempt from disclosure as personal information). The information available covers Personnel policies and procedures (including terms and conditions of service and all current versions of the information specified in each category).

This page includes information on:

  • Staff profile
  • Recruitment policies
  • Employment terms
  • Promotion
  • Pensions
  • Discipline
  • Grievance
  • Employee relations
  • Public interest disclosure ("Whistle-blowing")
  • Staff development
  • Staff records
  • Staff facilities

8.10 Physical resources

Institutions are often substantial land and property owners in their own right. This category covers information at a strategic level relating to the institution’s management of its physical resources. Some of this information is required to be published under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

This section includes:

  • Description of the estate
  • Estate development plans
  • Buildings under construction
  • Maintenance
  • Estates indicators
  • Environmental policies

Key information

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