General accessibility

8.1. General Information

This category covers general information about how to make contact with the institution. It includes:

  • Name of the University and the address of our principal office
  • Principal and other main locations including campus maps
  • Opening hours of our principal offices, facilities and services
  • Academic year dates
  • Dates of closure of the University
  • University complaints procedures
  • Contact details for serving official documents to the University

More detailed information can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

8.2. Access to Information

This category tells people how to request information from the institution, both under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act and the Data Protection Act. It also covers institutional procedures for these pieces of legislation. More detailed information can be accessed by clicking on 8.2 Access to information below, which includes:

  • How to request information and Freedom of Information enquiries contacts
  • Information legislation policies
  • Records Management and Archiving policy

Key information

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