Teaching quality and Information Services

8.15 Teaching quality

The Teaching quality category contains information regarding the management of teaching quality in the institution including:

  • Programme approval
  • Student satisfaction
  • Institutional internal reviews
  • Professional accreditation of courses by external bodies
  • Assessments of our University's provision by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)

8.16 Information services

Information Services covers those functions within the institution that provide access to information for the student body and both academic and administrative staff. Such functions may be managed separately from each other, or in various combinations. These services routinely explain their facilities (and the conditions of their use) to students, staff and the general public and it is information of this nature that is included within this category. The functions include:

  • Library facilities
  • Computing facilities
  • Other information facilities
  • Major strategy documents
  • Collections
  • Collection strategy
  • Open archives