Smart Systems Integration

lnfluencing future product development, business models, resilience of critical infrastructure and exploration within extreme environments

Our global society is placing increasing demands on its critical infrastructure, systems that deliver vital services such as energy, transportation, telecommunications, food and water, the built environment and healthcare. The systems within these sectors are increasingly complex and interdependent, interacting at a global scale. This complexity is required for efficient operation, but also makes them more susceptible to cascading failure under stress.

The Smart Systems Group (SSG) believes we must transform data into actionable information and utilise this insight to create innovative, data informed, Smart Systems that can assess, adapt and respond to dynamic conditions. Our multidisciplinary team with expertise in data analysis, artificial intelligence, prognostics, manufacturing, energy systems and sensing technologies, are focused on the design, manufacture and characterisation of transformative Smart Systems.

Continuity of service from critical infrastructure and technology as a service trends are fuelling global demand for Smart Systems across all sectors of industry and services to society. We work with a global network of academic and industrial partners to deliver the flexibility, resilience and sustainability, our global infrastructure requires.

For more information on Smart Systems Group please refer to the Smart Systems Group website.