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ISSS has collaborated with many high profile industrial partners. A selection of case studies and further examples of our research are included on this page:  

Examples of our research

Industrial Case Studies:

Stencil Manufacture

Professor Marc Desmulliez at the James Watt Institute for High Value Manufacturing undertook this project with the aim of creating a low cost, low risk and low temperature bonding technology for Microsystems.

The technology breakthrough permitted the creation of a spin-out company, MicroStencil Ltd from Heriot-Watt University. MicroStencil Ltd is a technology based manufacturing company focused on the production of precision electroformed components, addressing markets such as Electronics, MEMS and Life Sciences. The company created a new manufacturing facility in Scotland and received significant funding to commercialise the technology. For more information see Stencil Manufacture - Advanced stencil manufacture to meet consumer demand for tomorrow’s gadgets

3-D Mintegration Challenge - Design & Manufactureof 3D Miniaturised Integrated Products

The 3D-Mintegration Challenge was a Multi-partner research project comprising over twenty collaborating companies including: DAE Systems, Unilever, AstraZenica and GlaxoSmithKline.

The project demonstrated that a set of process conditions can be achieved so that variable frequency microwave heating and cure technology can be implemented successfully into electronic component manufacture, assembly and packaging.  

The 3D-Mintegration project gives companies valuable insight into how evolving practices in this field worldwide may be adopted and adapted for optimal exploitation in the UK.

For more information on the 3-D Mintegration Challenge contact Professor Marc Desmulliez

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