SMART Scotland

SMART Scotland funding is available to help small and medium-sized businesses to improve their competitiveness by developing new, highly innovative and commercially viable products and processes to the benefit of the Scottish economy. The programme provides grants on a discretionary basis for technical and commercial feasibility studies, and research and development projects.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are eligible to apply to the programme, provided they are based in Scotland or planning to set up in Scotland. For more information please see SMART:SCOTLAND 

Scottish Enterprise R&D Grant

R&D Grant funding supports businesses developing new products, processes and services to improve company competitiveness and to benefit the Scottish economy. Assistance is available to companies of all sizes located in Scotland or planning to establish a base in Scotland, for research and development

Further details can be found at:

Although SMART and R&D funding is applied to companies, they are able to subcontract funding to academic institutions.

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