Team Esteem house

Team ESTEEM started life in 2018 as the brainchild of around 15 students engaged in entering the 'Solar Decathlon Middle East' international competition to design a Solar-Powered house.

Over the subsequent years, these students built a brand identity that achieved extraordinary profile and outreach across multiple forms of media, globally: social media, printed media, online activities and physical events (so far as COVID-19 allowed!). This included a school-pupil outreach activity with direct, positive interaction with 3,000 school children through our partners 'Class of Your Own'.

Over the following year, Team ESTEEM further built their brand, on the backbone of a strong social media campaign and identity, authored and managed by the students. For a sense of scale, this includes: A YouTube channel with high-quality specialist original content on multiple technical and societal subjects, with >100 subscribers and >60 videos, the most popular of which have received over 500 views; A podcast hosted on Spotify with 8 episodes on varying content; a LinkedIn Group with c.1,000 followers; Instagram account with >900 followers,; X (formerly known as Twitter) account with >280 followers.

The team even built an online interactive version of the house in Minecraft, aimed at children/teens, and another that works on a 3D headset for full VR experience. The corresponding engagement has been extraordinary, with the project profile raised significantly, and evidenced by (for example) the team receiving queries from prospective students, being mentioned to staff by visitors at Open Days; raised internally by staff across the university who saw the project online; tagged by Industry Partners in their social media; appearing in local Edinburgh and Dubai printed press; and international design/construction specialist press; picked out by HW media monitoring as top engagement on social media posts for various months.

The team were awarded 3rd Prize in the Global 'Solar Decathlon' Competition built on the backbone of this extraordinary social media outreach. 

For more information on what Team ESTEEM have achieved, and their future vision, check out their website.