Scottish Vessel Project

Scotland with Vessel monitoring stations

Navigating Scotland’s Coastal Waters

The Scottish Vessel Project is a collaborative initiative that aims to capture comprehensive marine vessel data along Scotland’s coastline to better understand the amount of exposure to boats that whales, dolphins and seals experience at these different sites.

Th team are deploying vessel monitoring equipment to collect data on large and small boats, which will be analysed together with shore-based sightings data (of boats and marine life) to help us investigate the spatial overlap that exists. The deployment of vessel monitoring equipment is led by Heriot Watt University (in collaboration with FleetMon Ltd.), whilst the shore-based sightings data are being collected via three fantastic citizen science projects;

 By working together, researchers, government agencies, and local communities will enhance understanding of vessel activities, environmental impact, and safety at sea.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a researcher, a fisherman, or simply passionate about Scotland’s coastline, there are ways to participate:

  • Report Sightings: If you spot an interesting vessel, share the details with us!
  • Community Workshops: Attend workshops to learn more and contribute your knowledge.
  • Spread Awareness: Help us raise awareness about responsible vessel practices.

More information is available on the project website.

Join us in preserving Scotland’s maritime heritage and ensuring a vibrant future for our coastal communities!