National Robotarium Public Engagement and Outreach

robot in selfie booth with children

The National Robotarium is committed to educating and inspiring people of all ages to be the roboticists of tomorrow. Through our public engagement and schools outreach programmes, we are delivering events and activities that highlight the positive benefits robotics, AI and automation can have on society.

From science festivals and robotics exhibitions to trade summits and academic conferences, we engage with a wide range of people, sharing the latest robotics technologies and applications, and learning how different audiences feel about these emerging technologies.

Public Engagement

Public events, such as open days and expert lectures, provide opportunities for the community to tour our facilities, see live demonstrations, and learn about current trends and ethical considerations in robotics and AI.

Our community projects include initiatives like "Robotics for Good," which applies robotics technology to solve local challenges, and citizen science projects that invite public participation in research. We also engage the public online through webinars, virtual tours, and a variety of educational resources available on our website.

Schools Outreach

Through a tried-and-tested programme of activities, the team are focused on a number of key engagement themes:

  • Increasing EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) in computer science, engineering, maths and other STEM subjects;
  • Tackling digital exclusion and reducing the attainment and achievement gap;
  • Addressing future skills gaps in the workforce by building skills in design, engineering and computer programming;
  • Increasing trust and adoption of robotics in the classroom, workplace and at home

The National Robotarium goals are to inspire curiosity and passion for robotics and AI, educate the public about these technologies, foster collaboration between academia, industry, and communities, and drive innovation by involving diverse perspectives. Through these efforts, we aim to make robotics and AI ethical, trustworthy, accessible and beneficial to all.