Institutions are often substantial land and property owners in their own right. This category covers information at a strategic level relating to the institution’s management of its physical resources. Some of this information is required to be published under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

This section includes:

  • Description of the estate
  • Estate development plans
  • Buildings under construction
  • Maintenance
  • Estates indicators
  • Environmental policies

Description of estates

Overview of the University’s estates. Information in this category currently includes details regarding our campuses:

Details regarding how to visit our campuses are also available by clicking on the links above.

Summary descriptions of major buildings including the size and usage and a summary overview of the condition of campus infrastructure can be requested by writing to us via

Listed structures and sites of historical interest on the University's estates

The University owns the listed buildings of Panmure House and Hermiston House in Edinburgh. Current information is available on Historic Scotland webpages at

Heriot-Watt University Research Park

Information on Heriot-Watt University Research Park including history, background and list of campus companies/contacts and enquiry service available at:

Research Park

Estate Development Plans

Plans for major changes to the estate including plans for use of major external capital funding are included in our Estates Strategy.  We also have a 'Masterplan' for the development of our Edinburgh Campus.

Buildings under construction

The Estate Strategy Committee of the Court oversees progress of building projects. Building completions are reported in University news releases.

Additional information can be requested by writing to us via

Building projects and tendering opportunities are posted on our Procurement pages.


Maintenance arrangements and policies for buildings and grounds. Information in this Category currently includes:

  • Long-term/programmed maintenance policy and procedures;
  • Long-term/programmed maintenance arrangements and schedules
  • Processes/procedures for requesting repairs/minor works

Additional information can be requested by writing to us via

Information can also be found on Procurement pages.

Estates indicators

Performance indicators on major estates functions. Information in this Category currently includes:

Performance indicators data available can be requested by writing to us via

Environmental policies

Environmental policies, practices and overview of their impact. Information in this Category can be found on our Environment and Sustainability pages.

We also host a body called Transition Heriot-Watt (THW) which is a community organisation representing the staff and students at Heriot-Watt University. We work with staff and students to support sustainability, carbon reduction and improved health and wellbeing

Environmental Policy Statement

Outcomes of studies focusing on campus environment and impact of developments

The University publication, 'A Place to Discover - Your Guide to the Campus' contains information about the University's environmental and heritage stewardship of the Edinburgh campus and the abundance of flora and fauna on the campus.

Information can be requested by writing to us via