“MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming while Simulink® which is integrated into MATLAB® provides a graphical editor, customizable block libraries, and solvers for modelling and simulating dynamic systems.”

The university has a Site license for MATLAB and Simulink for our UK Campuses - for information regarding availability at Dubai and Malaysia Campuses please contact your local IT Support Team.

On campus

MATLAB is available on IS managed PCs and laptops on our UK campuses.

Student Desktop

Student Desktop

It has been installed on the student desktop.


  • Start, All Programs, HW Programs, MATLAB R2017a 
Staff Desktop

Staff Desktop

UK Staff can install MATLAB R2017a from the Software Center.

If you don’t see the Software Center listed at the top level of the Start menu you can

Browse to it

Start – All Programs – Accessories – Software Center


Search for it

  • Type Software Center into the search box at the bottom of the Start menu
  • Select it when it appears in the Programs list

Please note

The installation will take around 1 hour depending on the performance of your PC.

You will need to reboot your PC once the installation is complete.


  • Start, All Programs, HW Programs, MATLAB R2017a
Home use

Home Use

Staff and students that work or study at our UK campuses can install MATLAB and Simulink on their personal devices (for academic work and study purposes only).

This includes distance learners studying with a UK campus and who live in the UK or Europe.

To obtain the software please contact our IT Helpdesk ithelp@hw.ac.uk who, after verifying eligibility, will send you installation and activation instructions.

A MATLAB® USER COMMUNITY GROUP has been set up on SharePoint for staff and PG students.

Further Information

Our University Site license gives you access to all MATLAB and Simulink toolboxes and supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms

Our license provides access to 48 assorted toolboxes and simulation modules (see attached file for details)

For more information on MATLAB and Simulink see

Products & Services - MATLAB & Simulink - Mathworks United Kingdom

MATLAB resources for academics and students are available at

Mathworks - Academia - Mathworks United Kingdom