Requesting computers and hardware (staff)

All computers to be used for University work or study should be requested through the Information Services Helpdesk Self Service. Please read our Instructions for requesting a PC using the Self Service.

The IS Helpdesk Self Service form is for staff and PhD students to request computers and hardware. If you are a student in receipt of disabled students allowance, you can find information about ordering equipment on the Assistive Technology pages. 

The University operates a fully managed Microsoft Windows service, which provides academic, research and professional services staff and PhD students with a wide variety of ready to use software packages and applications securely configured so you can concentrate on your work without security concerns. All standard computers have their hard drives securely encrypted with Microsoft BitLocker.

At the end of its life, the computer will be appropriately disposed of to meet UK WEEE and data protection regulations such as GDPR. Any data stored on the computer will be securely disposed of.

Please note that Information Services does not support staff connecting their own personal computers to the network to carry out University work.

Connecting to the University Network/ Requesting additional network points

For the best experience, maximum performance and full access to University services, we recommend always using a wired network connection rather than a Wi-Fi (Eduroam) connection.

If there are insufficient network ports in your office, additional ports can be requested through Information Services via

When requesting additional network ports please provide the following information:

  • The building and room number where the additional ports are required
  • Any special requirements (E.g. connecting to specialist equipment)
  • The MAC address of the device – if you don’t know how to obtain this please email for instructions.

Each wired device will need to be fully registered by Information Services before it can obtain an IP address and access to the internet.

Moving Office

If you or your team are planning to move office then please contact Information Services, providing at least 2 weeks’ notice prior to the move.

When requesting an IT office move please provide the following information:  

  • The proposed dates of the move.  
  • The building name, room numbers and data socket nos. where you are moving from and to. 
  • The names of all members of staff or PhD students who will be moving (inc. Group Supervisor). 
  • An estimate of the number of computers and telephones that need to be moved. 
  • The HWPCxxx or HWLAPxxx number or a list of Make/Model/Operating system. 
  • The MAC address of each device – if you don’t know how to obtain this please email for instructions.

Please DO NOT move your computer equipment yourself as you may find you have to wait for some time to be reconnected due to our other commitments.

Computer replacement and disposal

Information Services operates a rolling programme of computer refreshes on a 5 year cycle. We will contact you when your computer is due to be replaced, remove your old computer and arrange for its secure disposal. Please ensure that you have a secure copy of any files you require as any remaining files on the hard drive will be securely destroyed.

Future arrangements

Information Services staff are working to improve all of these services, from point and method of request through to point of delivery and will update this site as soon as the new arrangements are known.