Loutfy, Ayman

Project Title

Developing an innovative framework for alternate maintenance technique


Maintenance is one of the decisive activities implemented to retain an asset performance across the recommended lifecycle, thereby lack of maintenance may lead to catastrophic accidents causing significant loss of lives or damage to assets.

At present, there is a lot of competition between organizations and cost is playing a vital role to keep the business running efficiently and successfully, therefore the top management of certain organizations are mainly focusing on reducing the maintenance budget and associated expenditures. Nevertheless, the selection of the most appropriate maintenance technique is considered as an essential factor to avoid increase of unplanned down-time or extreme issues pertaining to safety or quality.

Henceforth, this research intends to investigate the correlation between various Maintenance techniques and Carbon footprint impact versus the incremental expenditures. Finally based on this research, developing An Innovative framework of Alternate Maintenance technique for the Oil and Gas industry to strengthen two crucial areas for instance ECO friendly and Cost effectiveness.


Dr Taha Elhag