Institute of Geoenergy Engineering

We are a leading centre of excellence in geoenergy engineering and applied geoscience, recognised for the quality of our teaching, training, and research.

Our activities build on our proud heritage of integrating geoscience and engineering to understand the subsurface for the benefit of the energy industry. We pioneer world-class research and training cross a broad range subsurface energy challenges, encompassing oil and gas, carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy, and renewable energy storage to deliver innovation for the low-carbon transition, sustainable energy, and responsible resource management.

We offer a range of postgraduate opportunities, all uniquely tailored to the wider energy industry, in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment which provides a stimulating place for learning and research.

For an up to date list of all IGE research publications please visit the Institute's section of the Heriot-Watt Research Gateway.

Queen's Anniversary Prize

In 2015 we received a prestigious Queen's Anniversary Prize, recognising its sustained pioneering work in innovation and research excellence, as the Institute celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The prize recognises how the Institute's research and innovation activity spans exploration to production technology, and also harnesses its findings to enhance interdisciplinary work being carried out, including in medical research. It was awarded by the Royal Anniversary Trust, which works to promote world class excellence in UK universities and colleges.

Much of the Institute's research focuses on experiments and computer simulation of fluid flow in porous media, such as rock and subsea surfaces. It is particularly exciting that what started out as mathematical modelling to map the flow of oil and gas through rock has transferred across to medical science where the same principles apply to the movement of blood in biological systems. This in turn has helped studies into the formation of tumours and other forms of angiogenesis, where new blood vessels form from pre-existing ones.

Finding us

We are based in the main Heriot-Watt University campus in Edinburgh, the beautiful capital city of Scotland, but we are a truly international institution with teaching and research work carried out across the globe.

The Institute is situated off Research Avenue South, Edinburgh campus.

When you arrive please make your way to the Enterprise Building reception area where if you have not already arranged to be met there is a telephone where you can contact our secretarial staff on ext. 3543 or 3545 for assistance.

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