Howeedy, Amin Hisham

Project Title:

Developing a Regulatory Design Model to Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality in Factory Buildings… Improving Health and Wellbeing of Workers and Business Outcomes


The manufacturing industrial sector plays a paramount role shaping sustainable development where it employs an average of 20% of countries’ workforces and contributes to more than 25% of world GDP. Factories represent micro-frameworks (business) that are nested inside a bigger macro-framework (manufacturing sector); improving Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is proved to be substantial to achieve sustainable development goals of businesses and economies;
Factories as a workplace are known for indoor pollution and contamination issues accompanied with the manufacturing processes affecting both workers health as well as products’ quality, developing a regulatory model for factory buildings design that helps improve IEQ is foreseen to help the industrial sector achieve sustainable development goals and improve business outcomes.
The study uses a qualitative thematic analysis approach supported by case studies and semi-structured interviews for data collection as well as for model testing and validation.


Dr Yasemin Nielsen