Ashayeri, Ilnaz

Project Title:

Response of Aged Timber Structural Elements under High Rate Loading for Use in Repairing Scotland’s Built Heritage


Scotland has very rich and diverse built heritages from castles and monuments, ground houses to cityscapes that need to be conserved from decay because they represent a tradition of designing and constructing buildings that are unique to Scotland, and forms the cultural heritage of the nation. But while almost half of a million of dwellings in this region were built before 1919, just a limited portion of them are offered statutory protection through a listing. Timber is most common materials which used widely in Scotland’s built heritage however over time it would face with chemical, physical, and mechanical degradation. Hence upgrading the current conservation methods are required. One of traditional approach of conservation is on base of replacement the decayed section with a like-for-like sample, often from the same species. However, lack of knowledge about the impacts of natural aging on the timber mechanical properties, made some doubts about the accuracy of this method. This research may propose to apply like-for-like replacements based on mechanical properties rather than species.


Dr.Demitrios Costovos
George Vasdravellis