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Nature Transations Channels Chemistry and Biology

Selected Publications


Effect of CO2 aeration on cultivation of microalgae in luminescent photobioreactors, Mohsenpour, Willoughby. Biomass and Bioenergy 85:168-177 (2016) Link


Durable protein lattices of clathrin that can be functionalized with nano-particles and active bio-molecules. P.N. Dannhauser, M. Platen, H. Böning, I.A.T. Schaap, Nature Nanotechnology. 10, 954-957. (2015) Link

Fluorescence tracking of genome release during the mechanical unpacking of single viruses. A. Ortega-Esteban, K. Bodensiek, C. San Martín, M. Suomalainen, U.F. Greber, P.J. de Pablo, I.A.T. Schaap, ACS Nano. 9, 10571-10579  (2015) Link

Reinforcement of hydrogels using three-dimensionally printed microfibres. Visser, J. et al. Nature Communications. 6, 6933 (2015) Link

Visualization of the Serratia Type VI Secretion System Reveals Unprovoked Attacks and Dynamic Assembly, Gerc, A., Diepold, A., Trunk, K., Porter, M., Rickman, C., Armitage, J., Stanley-Wall, N. & Coulthurst, S.  Cell Reports. 12, 12, p. 2131-2142 (2015) Link

A monolithic glass chip for active single-cell sorting based on mechanical phenotyping, C Faigle, F Lautenschläger, G Whyte, P Homewood, E Martin-Badosa, J Guck,  Lab on a Chip, 15 (2015) Link

Angry pathogens: how to get rid of them: introducing microfluidics for waterborne pathogen separation to children, Jimenez M & Bridle H., Lab on a Chip, 15, 947-957, (2015) Link

Micro-constrictions Arrays for High-Throughput Quantitative Measurements of Cell Mechanical Properties, J Lange, J Hallmen, T Kolb, B Fabry, G Whyte, Biophys J 109  (2015) Link

Enhancing Cryptosporidium parvum recovery rates for improved water monitoring. Pavli P, Venkateswaran S, Bradley M & Bridle H.,  Chemosphere, doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2015.05.021, (2015) Link

Impact on microfluidic processing on bacterial ribonucleic acid expression. Gandi SK, Watson D, Kersaudy-Kerhoas M, Desmulliez M, Bachmann T & Bridle H.,  Biomicrofluidics, 9, 3:031102, (2015) Link


A molecular toggle after exocytosis sequesters the presynaptic syntaxin1a molecules involved in prior vesicle fusion, Kavanagh, D. M., Smyth, A. M., Martin, K. J., Dun, A., Brown, E. R., Gordon, S., Smillie, K. J., Chamberlain, L. H., Wilson, R. S., Yang, L., Lu, W., Cousin, M. A., Rickman, C. & Duncan, R. R.  Nature Communications. 5, 5774 (2014) Link

Dynamic operation of optical fibres beyond single-mode regime facilitates the orientation of biological cells, M Kreysing, D Ott, M Schmidberger,  O Otto, M Schürmann, E Martín-Badosa, G Whyte, J Guck, Nature Communications, 5 5481 (2014) Link

Dynamically reconfigurable Optical Spanner, T Kolb, S Albert, M Haug, G Whyte, Lab on a Chip, 14, 1186 (2014) Link

Development and characterisation of a new bioink for additive tissue manufacturing. Melchels, F. P. W., Dhert, W. J. A., Hutmacher, D. W. & Malda, J., J. Mater. Chem. B 2, 2282 (2014) Link

Optofluidic rotation of living cells for single-cell tomography, T Kolb, S Albert, M Haug, G Whyte,  J. Biophotonics, 106 (2014) Link

pH-controlled two-step uncoating of influenza virus. S. Li, C. Sieben, K. Ludwig, C.T. Höfer, S. Chiantia, A. Herrmann, F. Eghiaian, I.A.T. Schaap, Biophys. J. 106, 1447-1456 (2014) Link

Real-time probing of beta-amyloid self-assembly and inhibition using fluorescence self-quenching between neighbouring dyes. S. D. Quinn, P. A. Dalgarno, R. T. Cameron, G. J. Hedley, C. Hacker, J. M. Lucocq, G. S. Baillie, I. D. W. Samuel and J. C. Penedo, Molecular bioSystems, 10, 34, (2014) Link

Functional, quantitative, and super-resolution imaging and spectroscopic approaches for studying exocytosis, Duncan, R. R. & Rickman, C., Exocytosis Methods. Vol. 83, p. 75-91 17 (2014) Link

Biofilm architecture, Schuster, J. J. & Markx, G. H. Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology. 146, 77-96. (2014) Link


Flashing a light on the spatial organization of transcription, Rickman, C. & Bickmore, W. A., Science. 341, 6146, p. 621-622 2 Link

Solution-based single molecule imaging of surface-immobilized conjugated polymers, P.A. Dalgarno, C. A. Traina, J. C. Penedo, G. C. Bazan and I.D.W. Samuel, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 7187, (2013) Link

Luminescent photobioreactor design for improved algal growth and photosynthetic pigment production through spectral conversion of light. Mohsenpour, Willoughby. Bioresource Technology 142C:147-153 (2013) Link

Biofabrication of multi-material anatomically shaped tissue constructs. Visser, J. et al. Biofabrication 5, 035007 (2013). Link

Single-molecule chemical denaturation of riboswitches, P.A. Dalgarno, J.A. Bordello, R. Morris, P. St-Pierre, A. Dube, I.D.W. Samuel, D.A. Lafontaine, and J.C. Penedo, Nucleic Acids Research, 41, 4253, (2013) Link

Further details of our publications are available on the HW research portal.