The institute applies advances in the chemical, physical, and engineering sciences to enable and enhance life science research.  The interdisciplinary research interests and state-of-the-art facilities provide a unique environment for integrative research.

We aim to maintain a world-leading centre of excellence, building on a strong foundation of genuine inter-disciplinary research, a strong and diverse funding record and an extensive extra-mural collaborative network. 

A unique complement of infrastructure and facilities required to engage in this activity at the highest level is already in place in; world class cell biology, molecular imaging, atomic force microscopy, tissue/cell culture and bioprocessing facilities, laser and optical laboratories, linked by a high speed data network, all in one building complex.

Our research

The members have common interests and active collaborations, all centred on applying advances in the physical and engineering sciences to enable and enhance life science research. This institute provides a structure to support ongoing collaborative work and provide a crucible to forge further cross-disciplinary science.

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The institute is actively recruiting researchers at all levels who are interested in working at the interface between the biological, chemical, physical and engineering sciences.

We also have a number of PhD Scholarships available for projects commencing Autumn 2016.