Nuffield placements

Nuffield students in lab

Nuffield Research Summer Placements are 2-3 week summer placements that aim to inspire future generations into the field of research and to develop students transferable skills. Placements are well-supervised but independent projects and relate to an area of science, quantitative social science, computing, technology, engineering, or maths - or a combination!

The placements are open to S5 (Age 16/17) pupils across Scotland, who meet certain requirements such as living in a low income household or where no family members have gone to Higher Education or being care experienced (both pupils in care and young carers). Pupils apply to be part of the scheme listing their academic interests and aspirations and are matched with placements in a range of Higher Education and industry settings. The project is coordinated by SSERC (Scottish Schools Education Research Centre).

This year Heriot-Watt researchers hosted 7 student projects across a range of academic disciplines from Microscopy to 3D Printing for Cranial Implants!

 In addition to the research projects, we brought all Nuffield Summer Placement Students together, regardless of research topic, to give them an opportunity for peer-to-peer mentoring. The students met colleagues from the Outreach and Widening Participation Team and got to talk with current Heriot-Watt students about their university experience.

All placement students then produced a research project report and created a scientific poster about their work. They were given the opportunity to present this work back to Nuffield Students across Scotland at the SSERC Celebration event.

If you would like more information about the Nuffield placements, contact the Heriot-Watt Outreach team