Net Zero Heroes

The Net Zero Heroes project brings together pupils, parents and scientists as party of an immersive learning experience around the impacts of climate change.

Glaitness Primary School took part in a challenge to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide clocked up on the school run - as part of a mission for a net zero Glaitness. Pupils worked with researchers to come up with creative ideas to reduce carbon emissions, and presented these to their families and communities. 

Headteacher Ingrid Rendall:

The school has embarked on a unique programme of learning in collaboration with the Island Centre for New Zero. At a time when so many are concerned about rising prices of fuel and worry about climate change, this programme is designed to find a positive way forward for all in our school community. This is not about making demands of anyone, but rather trying to explore new environmentally friendly ways of getting to school that are beneficial to health and well-being and your wallet.

Our mission was developed by academics but is now being led by our students and our families. Walk this way for a step into our future

Quotes courtesy of The Orcadian.