Our work on equal pay is based on the principle that employees should receive equal pay for like work. While we examine equal pay as part of our legal requirements our commitment to understanding and addressing inequality is fundamental to our culture of inclusion for all.

The Equality Act 2010 placed a duty for public authorities to undertake and publish an equal pay statement every four years since 2013. We undertake annual equal pay audits and our current Equal Pay Statement covers 2017-21. In April 2019 we published Equality Pay Information containing the most recent equality pay information covering gender, disability and ethnicity at our Scottish Campuses.

Gender pay gap reporting

There are some differences in equal pay reporting across the UK. As an HEI based in Scotland we follow requirements for Scottish public authorities. We are aligning our census date (the date that we run our equal pay information) with the rest of the UK for gender pay gap reporting and supplementing our Equal Pay Statement 2017-21 with an annual update of our gender pay gap, based on data run on the 31 March in any given year.