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As a current or potential member of staff you are protected under the provisions of the Equality Act (2010), including the Public Sector Equality Duty. As an employer we have a number of legal requirements,  under the Public Sector Duty we are required to:

  • eliminate discrimination
  • promote equality of opportunity
  • foster good relations between diverse groups

Our Specific Duties include requirements to take active steps in addressing:

  • direct and indirect discrimination
  • victimisation
  • harassment
  • determent arising from disability

We have a range of policies and procedures in place embedding equality and diversity under the leadership of Human Resource Development (HRD) . These policies and procedures ensure that University staff work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Policies and procedures relating to our working practices can be found on the policies and procedures web pages.

There are other areas of the University that take forward specific activities to make sure that equality and diversity is embedded into our activities. Other relevant areas are:

  • Centre for Academic Learning and Development: part of HRD, CALD aims to support and facilitate research and teaching excellence by the institution’s entire academic community
  • Equality and Diversity: part of HRD, E&D take a lead role in developing strategic approaches to E&D across the whole University Community putting in place practical and operational interventions
  • Human Resources: part of HRD, HR supports staff and managers across the University
  • Organisational Development: part of Human Resource Development, OD supports staff in developing skills and knowledge
  • Research and Enterprise Services: the knowledge transfer, research development and commercialisation department for Heriot-Watt University

Staff related information can be found internally on the University’s Intranet.

Key information

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion